6 Newly Discovered Methods to Baby Proofing Your Home

Kids change everything! The good news is that the latest technology and research has made the task of baby proofing your home much easier. One of the best new inventions is the two-way baby monitor which allows you to hear, see and talk back to your baby whether you are in the kitchen or in your own bedroom!

These are state of the art, wireless, handy devices that can even allow you to monitor your baby (or your nanny) via an internet connection while you are at work.

Check out these 5 Baby Proofing Must Haves!

  1. “Frogs” that monitor pools; alarming you when a gate is open, water is disturbed or door leading to the pool is breached! Essential to baby proofing your pool!
  2. Monitors that can detect breathing rhythm for those early months when you are worried about SIDS
  3. Thermostat that can regulate your water heater before a child in your home is burned by hot water
  4. L-Brackets specifically designed to keep that stove from tipping when a toddler tries to sit on the door (which they will)
  5. ON had release, hardware mounted baby gates that swivel open and shut ensuring you are never tempted to step over another gate again!

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