6 Newly Discovered Ways to Baby Proof a Nursery

Based on pediatric injury reports there are obviously some basics of a baby proofing that are lacking in a nursery. There are some things every parent must know and some new inventions that will enable your nursery to be as safe as possible.

First, make sure that your crib is approved by the JPMA and never use a hand me down that is unsturdy, has horizontal foot holds or that is sized inappropriately so the mattress does not fit properly. You shouldn’t be able to place more than a fingers width in between the crib walls and the mattress.

Points to Not Forget When a Baby Proof Nursery is What you Want

Remember, no stuffed animals, heavy blankets, fancy comforters, pillows or bumper pads should be in the crib with your child while they sleep. Mobiles should not be placed where they can be reached and never place a crib near a window.
In fact window coverings in the nursery should be chosen with care and without cords, tiebacks, strings or ropes in order to be safe. Cover all outlets in the room with safety covers and make sure that the floor and toy box are free of choking hazards! Another often over looked child proofing safety hazard in the nursery is the changing table; which should be sturdy and have cabinet doors that lock.


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