Baby Proof Your Car in A Few Easy Steps

Each year thousands of children get hurt playing in vehicles. This is not a good place for a baby to play! There are things that you can do to make sure that your car is safe while riding in it or otherwise! First, although it may seem unreal to you – many children get run over in their own driveway by their own parents! Check twice, three times and install mirrors on the garage and on the rear of your car that make sure you can see the path behind your vehicle.

How to Baby Proof Your Car Using Common Sense!

You may leave your keys I the car from time to time. Remember that babies are always mimicking other people’s behavior! They can, have, do and will be able to shift the car into neutral or drive while playing in the car. Always secure your vehicle at home just like you would at a shopping mall.

A child proof car may be the last thing that you think about; but it can take only a minute for a baby to venture to your car, climb in and get into trouble. For the interior of the car, installing safety rear view mirrors will ensure you can pay attention to your baby and drive without being too distracted!


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