Baby Proofing Ideas You Should Read About

It is up to the parent to create a safe and happy environment for your baby or toddler. Baby proofing is not an easy task but must be done before the baby is mobile—even if the baby is just scooting around. While there are professional baby proofers, it is something you can do at home by yourself by paying attention to the tips give below. You need to buy some specialized products but the end result is worth it. It all begins by getting down on your hands and knees and seeing the world through baby’s eyes.

Baby Proofing Around the House

Each room in your house should be a safe one for baby. If a room can’t be baby-proofed, put up a child safety gate to keep baby out of the room. Doorknob covers also help keep a room with a door out of baby’s way. Get rid of the rubber tips off of the doorstops as they are removable and can choke the baby. Put guards around tables and coffee tables to protect the baby from falling into the corners or sharp edges of the table. Buy a playpen for baby to play in and secure the exterior doors with deadbolts that baby can’t undo.

Babyproofing the Nursery

Make sure the crib is away from blind cords, windows and lamps or artwork. Keep the crib spare and take out any fluffy blankets, pillows or toys that the baby can suffocate in. Make sure any heavy and tall furniture is bolted down to the wall so that the baby cannot pull it down on himself. Keep supplies for baby out of baby’s reach, including lotions, ointments or medications. Put safety latches on all the drawers in the nursery.

Cords and Outlets Proofing

Babies like to put fingers and other objects inside outlets, posing an electrocution risk. When babyproofing Use plastic plugs and place them into all unused outlets. They also make switch plates that have sliding doors that cover outlets so baby can’t get into them. Also tape down or hide any electrical cords.

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