Baby Proofing Tips for Baby’s Protection

It’s a joy to have a newborn baby but it is also a huge responsibility for new parents. As parents, there are precautions you need to take that can keep the baby safe during its formative years, when it is growing and developing. When you are thinking of baby proofing your home, you need to get down to baby’s level and think of those things that can be dangerous or hazardous to your baby.

The following are things you need to especially pay attention to:

Get down on the floor in each room and pick up anything that is small enough to fit into a toilet paper roll. Those things can easily get choked on so they need to be up and out of the way.

Look carefully at dangling things like electrical cords, curtain cords, blind cords or table cloths. Such things need to be put up and out of the way so baby cannot reach them as it can cause strangulation. Table cloths can pull things down on baby and result in injury.

Be wary of any toxic chemicals, cleaning supplies and medications that a child can ingest and become poisoned with. Put them in a high cupboard and lock it. Otherwise you can put them outside in the garage where baby can’t get to it. House plants are dangerous, too, so talk to poison control or your local extension office to find out which plants are dangerous to your baby.

Certain foods can choke a child if you feed it to them at less than two years of age. Some of these are raisins, peanuts, popcorn, hard candy, raisins, nuts, hot dog pieces or grapes. If a child is eating, never have them lying down because they can choke on those foods in a reclining position.

If you buy a used crib, make sure that the slats are no further apart than 2 3/8 inches because anything greater than that can trap a baby’s head in it. Newer cribs are designed with that in mind. Keep the crib spare and free of blankets, fluffy pillows and stuffed animals that can cause a suffocation hazard.

Get rid of all small or sharp objects such as paper clips, coins and other small items. A baby can swallow these items. If furniture is not safe, have it repaired or throw it away as baby can break it apart by trying to climb on it.

Whenever you are around a baby, make sure you keep tobacco smoke away from them. In addition, keep lighters and matches away from baby as they can burn a child when lit. Matches can be toxic, too, when swallowed.


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