Baby Proofing Your Nursery

You need to protect your baby as soon as it comes home. Just a bit of handy information can make the difference between a happy child and an injured one. Let’s look room by room to determine which are the best ways to keep your baby safe.

The Crib Itself

  1. You need to be able to expect to leave your child alone in his crib. For this reason, you should get a new crib
    that has slats no further apart than 2 3/8 inches.
  2. Hang nothing over the crib or over the changing table. Baby can reach up and these things can drop on the
    baby. I nice fluffy hanging quilt over the changing table is better.
  3. Put a mobile over the crib or changing table and make sure the baby cannot reach up and grab it. Remove it
    once the baby can stand or get on his knees.
  4. Have the mattress at the proper height. It should be higher when the baby is younger and lower when the
    baby is older and can pull himself to stand.
  5. Never bundle a baby in a fluffy comforter or quilt. Don’t use pillows or fluffy stuffed animals that baby can
    suffocate on. Overheating or the use of comforters and quilts are felt to be causes of SIDS.
  6. Have the baby put to sleep on his or her back as this has been shown to reduce SIDS deaths.
  7. Use snugly attached crib sheets that don’t tangle as the baby can become entangled in the sheet and can

Babyproofing Around the Nursery

  1. Use a child safety belt and don’t leave baby unattended at the changing table. A fall from a changing table could be
    disastrous for a baby. Take your child with you whenever you leave the changing table.
  2. Put in window guards. These prevent the window from opening enough so the baby can fall out. There are window guards that attach just with a screw on the frame and they work well to keep baby safe. The window should open no further than four inches.
  3. Never have furniture near the window unless it keeps the baby away from the window altogether.
  4. Use all security restraints that come with the baby furniture, such as the high chair. Bolt all bookcases to the wall so baby cannot pull the bookcase down.
  5. Baby proofing begins before the baby comes home from the hospital. Arrange your furniture to be the safest possible. Do what you can before the baby begins to crawl because, by then, it could be too late.

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