Basic Baby Proofing Checklist

Here is a basic baby proofing checklist that will surely help you keep you home safe for your little one, remember even one baby safety tip can make the difference and save your child from a serious injury !

Basic Baby Proofing Checklist

  1. When your baby is able to stand up, the reach is greater and there is more potential for hazards. Redo your baby proofing once your baby can stand up or walk.
  2. Put the crib mattress down to the lowest possible level so baby can’t get out of the crib and remove any bumper pads or toys the baby can stand on to get out of the crib.
  3. Dangling electrical and curtain cords are especially dangerous as baby can pull on them to get up or can get tangled or strangled in them.
  4. Keep all toxic items and poisons up and away from the reach of the child.
  5. Keep the hot water heater set to less than 120 degrees. This can keep the baby from being scalded. Never turn your back on a child who is in the water.
  6. Keep your baby strapped into grocery carts so they don’t stand up and potentially fall from the cart.
  7. Strap the baby into the high chair so he or she won’t stand up and fall out.

There is no more important project you will undertake as a new parent as baby proofing your home. It does not mean that you will not be able to display any of your items you purchased prior to your child’s arrival. However, for the sake of your child’s safety and if you really do like the things you purchased and would like to keep them for a bit longer you would be best to take the time to look around your home before your little tyke becomes mobile and starts to let his natural curiosity destroy a few of your favorite things as well as put himself in danger.

Pay Particular Attention to the Kitchen and Bathrooms

When baby proofing your home you need to pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms. You are looking for dangerous substances like chemicals, detergents, medicines, tools and other substances that are poison for the baby. You need to put all these in cabinets and drawers at a higher level, out of reach of the child. It is better that you organize all this because you may be constrained to keep some of them in lower drawers. In that case, you need to buy some safety locks.

Use Common Sense When Baby Proofing Your home

You can baby proof your home using plain commonsense if you know what all can harm your child. The first rule is that anything small enough to be swallowed should be out of reach of children. Now, there are many small things of daily use that the baby can swallow (buttons, coins and screws) and you have to pack them off and keep at places inaccessible to the child.

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