Checklist for Keeping your Home Baby Proofed

You need to think about baby proofing before baby comes home from the hospital. Get down to baby’s level and see how baby sees things. Make changes by keeping a child proofing checklist of all things you see that need to be changed. Go around each different room in order to see what dangers exist in each room. Look especially at things that are hot, toxic, very small, dangling or otherwise dangerous.

Pay attention to these things as they are the most common baby hazards that exist:

Watch out for any dangling or long electrical cords, curtain cords or blind cords that a baby can strangle himself on. Tablecloths can be pulled down on the baby and should not be used on tables. Tape down these objects or remove them altogether.

Take care of any cleaning supplies, toxic substances, toxic plants or medications that can harm baby. Put them up and lock them or keep them in the garage where baby can’t reach them. Call poison control or the extension center to discover which plants are toxic and which you may use in your home.

When you buy a used crib, make sure the slats aren’t any further apart than 2 3/8 inches. Any further apart than that and baby can get its head stuck in them. The mattress needs to be snugly fitting but it shouldn’t be too tight; otherwise it can buckle and not lie flat. Get rid of any stuffed animals, pillows and blankets that could suffocate a baby.

Remove items that can fit into baby’s mouth. If it fits into a toilet paper roll, it is too small. Get rid of wobbly furniture or get it repaired so it doesn’t fall apart when baby tries to get on it.

Never smoke in front of a newborn (or any) baby because tobacco smoke is dangerous to baby. Keep matches and lighters out of baby’s fingers because they can burn a child.

Certain foods can be choked on so baby shouldn’t have them such as peanuts, popcorn, grapes, hard candy, raisins and pieces of hot dogs. Wait until the child reaches two years of age before you allow the baby to have them. Don’t allow any baby or toddler to suck on anything while lying on their back.


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