How and Where to Baby Proof

Chances are that long before your baby came home from the hospital you began to baby proof your home! Installing locks on cabinets and drawers, using safety gates, covering outlets, removing electrical cords and making sure that heavy furniture like the stove and entertainment centers are bolted to the wall are great places to start.

You will notice that the older your child gets the more tenacity and skills they develop which can make old efforts ineffective. To baby proof properly – you must always remain aware of the changing capabilities of your child.

What Many Parents Forget To Baby Proof

It is also important to look beyond your own home! The baby sitter, day care and even relatives home’s where your baby spends a lot of time should be effectively scanned for hazards. There are many simple gadgets that can quickly and easily be installed in homes that do not require putting holes in the walls or cabinets.

Don’t forget to check Grandma’s purse and make sure that no medications or cleaning supplies are left out. Even a sponge used for removing mildew can be toxic to a toddler who puts it in their mouth. Everywhere your child goes should be safe, secure and hazard free!

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