How to Baby Proof Quickly!

Suddenly you are on your way to your first vacation since your baby was born. The thought of a hotel, with room service and the beach makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. But wait! On the way you realize that this new environment will be filled with thousands of hazards and dangers which will have you paranoid and constantly worried about your baby being safe?

You have never thought about how to baby proof a hotel or your Dar Aunt Susan’s house! Now worries – there is some simple advice that can help in a pinch!

Sensible Advice for How to Baby Proof on the Go!

Duct tape. Duct tape can be used to cover VCR openings, keep cabinets and drawers closed and to tie up drapery cords or min-blinds to the wall. It can also be used to tape bubble wrap around the hotel faucet so your baby’s head won’t be at risk, to adhere those nuisance door stops to the wall as well as cover all the electrical outlets or hold down wires; and the best part is – it won’t leave a mark! Check medications and bring along a portable tension safety gate and you will be able to relax!

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