How to Install Baby Proof Locks on Your Cabinet

All babies love to play in the cabinets. Unfortunately, heavy pans, glass pots and other things stored there like cleaning supplies, sponges, insect killer and Brillo pads and sponges can cause serious illness or even death for a baby.

It is easy to secure all the cabinets in your home; the ones in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and pantry by installing baby proof locks. Many of these can be installed on the interior doors so you don’t have to affect the look of the cabinets from the outside. Best part is that they are a do it yourself project that can be completed in one day and it is inexpensive.

Tricks for Finding the Best Baby Proof Locks

Whether you are looking for locks to secure dresser drawers, a gun cabinet or the kitchen cabinets in your home; you are assured to find an appropriate baby safety item to lock them up. Don’t take any chances! Even things that seem harmless like a multi-vitamin can end up in your baby’s mouth and cause serious injury. When in doubt, lock them out using child proof locks that are specifically designed for the location you are locking.


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