Key Principles to Baby Proofing Safety

Emergency rooms across the world are filled every day with children who have been injured by something in their own home or yard. Often, these children were able to circumvent baby proofing safety measures to get to toxins or unsafe areas in the home. One of the easiest and most effective ways to baby proof your home is to get down on your hands and knees or toddler’s level and take a tour of your interior.

This way you will see what your baby sees. The tablecloth with the hot casserole on the table may not look dangerous from your position; but a toddler pulling the tassels of the tablecloth can be put into a lot of dangers!

What you Don’t See Could Be Putting Your Child in Danger

Electrical hazards lurk all around your home as well. Children; especially babies and toddlers love to chew on exposed cods, can trip over extension wires and stick things in sockets. They will find the open socket behind the couch long before you know it is there. Baby proofing Safety is only effective if it is consistent and implemented throughout your entire home. Get a bird’s eye view and see what you might be missing and do it often just in case…

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