Key Principles to Follow For Baby Proof Water Hazards

The bare facts show that water is deadly for babies. Even an inch of water or a half full cup of water can cause a choking or drowning risk. Even if you don’t have a pool; water in and around the home can be fatal! Installing toilet locks, never leaving the bathtub full of water, emptying out buckets, cups or glasses and never leaving a baby unattended during bath time are essential not just to safety; but to your baby’s life!

Baby Proof Water Starts with the Hot Water Heater!

To baby proof water heaters in your home; you will need to make sure that they are turned down to 120 degrees or lower. Don’t worry; this is still pretty hot for your morning shower; but your baby’s skin is more prone to scald burns than an adults.

Hot water coming out of a faucet or sink can easily and quickly (3 seconds) cause a severe burn on your child. Remember that the metal faucets get hot too and install child proofing covers that will not only protect your baby from a bump on the head from being burned if they accidentally touch it. If your water heater cannot be manually set down; than purchasing a regulator is a cheap, easy and functional way to fix this harmful danger in your home.


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