Keys to Successful Baby Proof, Safety & Protection Methods

If you are looking to improve the safety of your home and have child proofed every inch of it there is a good chance that you have forgotten a few of the essentials that left untended to can cause large problems for your baby. First, is the water heater!

Hot water scalds occur to 2 out of every 4 baby’s and they occur during bath time, by accidentally touching the sink or by touching metal faucets once they become hot! Using a thermostat or regulator can be one essential way to baby proof the water heater! If you are able to turn it down manually; make sure it is less than 120 degrees!

Learn the One Missing Ingredient in Your Baby Proof & Safety Plan

Any baby proof safety plan must include the installation, use and maintenance of smoke alarms and fire detectors as well as a Co2 detector. It is one thing to have them; but something altogether different to make sure that they are working properly and well maintained. Instead of just removing the battery when they begin to beep; replace them and check them with each seasonal time change to ensure they stay in working order. Fire and smoke are deadly and can kill a baby in less time than an adult! These are the best first line of defense.


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