Learn How to Baby Proof Your Pool!

Once the pool is finally in the backyard, parents begin to worry excessively about safety; especially when there are babies in the home. Parents everywhere ask “how can I baby proof my pool?” The truth is there are thousands of baby proofing products designed with the pool in mind.

You should use alarms that detect water movement, secure a 4 foot or higher fence around the perimeter of the pool area and take extra cautions to make sure that doors leading to the pool cannot be unlocked by children!

A Few Other Pool Safety Tips

One parent asked “how can I baby proof my baby?” Although this sounds silly, there are plenty of lifesaving devices and swimwear that you can make a baby wear to ensure that their head stays above water. There are also wrist bands that will activate whenever your child gets wet or nears the edge of the pool to alert parents. The bottom line is that if you have a pool – you must use as many layers of products as you can combined with constant physical supervision of your child at all times.

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