Look For Hidden Dangers When Baby Proofing

When the baby reaches about six months, he or she begins to crawl which makes baby proofing all that much more important. Babies can also roll around and can get into items that they couldn’t get into before. Some things common to baby care, however, are not as safe as you think they should be and they themselves can be dangerous. Let’s take a look at those things that are used for baby care but that aren’t really as safe as you think they should be. You might be surprised.


Toddler Sippy Cups

These are used by parents to transition the baby from the bottle to a cup. They are instead a lot like a bottle and can allow nasty bacteria to build up on the toddler’s teeth. Instead of using a sippy cup, go straight to a regular cup and hold the cup with the child until he or she gets the hang of it. This should happen around the age of one year and should be an easy transition at that time. Contact your dentist with questions and expect that he or she will be in agreement that this is the best time for baby to be using a regular cup. Don’t bother with buying a sippy cup at all.

Baby Wipe Warmers

These are actually very dangerous because, like electric blankets, they are fire hazards, even if you are using them exactly as intended. Don’t buy a used one because many older models have been recalled already and any that have cracks should be avoided because they allow moisture to mix with the electrical parts of the warmer. This is dangerous so you shouldn’t use them.

Outlet Covers

These are recommended at many baby sites but in reality, a strong baby can pull them off and can choke on them or get electrocuted trying to put them back into the outlet. You can also forget to put them back in after using them for vacuuming or other such item and they can be available as a choking hazard. Instead, try to use outlet covers that have sliders on them then close the outlet holes by sliding across the face of the outlet cover. They are harder to install but are safer to use.

4 Fluffy blankets or crib bumpers

A critical child proofing tip is that anything fluffy, such as a pillow, blanket or toy can easily suffocate a child in his or her sleep. Keep cribs relatively sparse so that there is very little in it and keep your baby warm using a sleeper instead of a fluffy blanket. SIDS can be prevented by avoiding fluffy items in the crib.

5 Sleep positioners

You may have seen these as foam triangular shaped items that keep the baby from rolling over in his sleep. You need to remember, though, that babies really need to sleep on their back. Sleep positioners can cause a problem by suffocating a baby who is using one. It can roll a baby onto his or her stomach so that they can suffer from carbon dioxide rebreathing syndrome, a cause of sudden infant death syndrome. Swaddle the baby tightly or use a sleeper instead of using a sleep positioner.


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