Proven Strategies to a Baby Proof Door

It is said that doors are the openings to opportunity. Although that can be a good thing; when you are trying to baby proof a home; doors often lead to hazardous places and lurking dangers! Not only can they pinch fingers and toes, be inadvertently locked or be easily slammed, shut and swung upon – they can also be a difficult aspect of baby proofing your home. Good news is that there are easy ways to ensure that you have baby proof doors in your home!

What you might not Know About “Dangerous Doors”

Interestingly enough one of the most dangerous aspects of the doors in your home is the door stops. Many of them come with perfectly round plastic removable buffers that babies and toddlers alike love to play with and put in your mouth! This can lead to choking! You can find one piece constructed door stops that will take away this danger!

You can also find door locks, jams, buffers, one way locks and child proof keyless locks to avoid all the other dangers and hazards that the doors in your home may lead your baby to! Baby proof door- here we come!

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