Proven Strategies to Home Baby Proofing

The daunting task of home baby proofing can seem like an insurmountable chore; especially if you already have a baby in your home! The best thing to do is to take it one room at a time and buy plenty of spring rod safety gates to quarantine those rooms that you have not yet tackled!

Do the nursery first paying special attention to the crib and changing table and then work your way to the living room and kitchen. Once those main areas of the home are secure; you should move your way throughout the rest of the house.

Home Baby Proofing Starts with Supervision

Regardless of how well prepared you are for an emergency- nothing can replace constant and competent supervision. The safest home in the world is dangerous unless the children are being watched. Remember that most accidents happen in just a few seconds while you are answering the phone or vacuuming!

Pay close attention to buckets of water, cups with fluids in them, the toilet and while bathing as drowning is often silent and can happen in an instance! Home baby proofing never means you are safe to not watch your children!

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