Rules You Must Follow When Baby Proofing Your Car

The car? Really? The truth is auto accidents are one of the leading causes to death in infants, babies and toddlers! Many parents use car seats and restraints however using them improperly actually puts a child at more risk. There are a few simple rules that every family should follow on how to baby proof your car!

Tips to Baby Proof Your Car

First, always ensure your child is in the rear seat and follow rules for rear/forward facing car seats as deemed law in your state. When installing the seat be sure that you are using the appropriate belt paths and not using any extra parts, screws, knots or parts in efforts to make the seat ore secure.

A five point harness is always best and should be no looser than to allow one finger between the belt and your baby. Save warm clothes and blankets for going over the buckles! NEVER hold a child while driving; no matter how fussy they are. Most accidents occur just a few miles from home and it is never safe to take a baby out of their seat.

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