Why You Shouldn Not Trust in All Baby Proofing Products

It is wise to choose products for baby proofing that are approved by the JPMA. They place a stamp of approval on all products that they have tested which ensure that they not only work but that they are safe to use around children as well.

Whether it is an electrical outlet cover or a crib or stroller- just using something is not enough to ensure safety. Truth is baby proofing products differ greatly in quality and price and it is worth investing in better made, long lasting and testing products than finding out one didn’t work by suffering through an Emergency room visit.

What Most Parents Overlook When Searching for Baby Proofing Products

Products for children consistently come with recall cards. Yet the vast majority end up in the trash. When it comes to your children it is best to always buy new; and always fill out the recall cards and send them in to the manufacturer.

This way you will be notified immediately if one of the baby proofing products you use has been recalled for safety issues. It only takes a few minutes and can truly be a lifesaver. If you lost the card- check the manufacturer website for recalls by serial number.

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