The One Mistake Parents Make When Baby Proofing the Home

The outlets are covered. The stroller is brand new and the crib and car seat are the best on the market. You have knob covers on the stove and a stranger can’t use the bathroom, turn on a light, open a door or cabinet or sneak out the back door without being caught in the trap of baby safety products! You certainly have thought of everything! Or have you? Baby proofing the home is often about thinking what will save you from the unthinkable.

What Statistics are Saying about Baby Proofing

Statistics show that only 28% of families have fire detectors and smoke alarms in their home. Worse, only 21% of that 28% have ones in the home that are in functional, working order. Smoke detectors, fire alarms and CO@ detectors can literally save the lives of everyone you love. Having them is not enough.

They must work. One way to keep up maintenance is to change the batteries each time the clocks are changed and vow to never just disconnect them when they begin to beep! If you want to ensure safety and keep your children alive in the face of a tragedy then install and maintain the detectors in your home.

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