The Pitfalls and Mistakes of Selecting Baby Proof Gates

Modern times have meant that there is a broader selection of baby proof gates available to fit every type of room for every type of home across the board. Yet many parents make some common mistakes that make the gates useless or more dangerous.

The first mistake is measuring incorrectly. Measurements should be taken from the inside of the door frame or opening that you wish to block off. The second mistake is that many parents out of convenience use tension mounted gates improperly. These types should never be used at the tops or bottoms of stairs because they aren’t secure enough to prevent falling.

The Mistake Parents Make with Baby Proofing Gates

Another mistake that parents make with baby proof gates is installing one that is not convenient for them to use. This means they are more liable to leave it open or step over it. You would be surprised how many adults are hurt stepping over gates and how many baby’s are dropped during the same situation. Choose a gate with a one hand operation that allows it to swing open, that doesn’t have horizontal slats and that can be easily and functionally installed in the existing framework of your home.

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