The Real Reasons to Baby Proof

When we have children there are a lot of “supposed to’s” in life! Some are important while others are just part of keeping up with the Jones’s. Baby proofing is not one of those latter things. There are real, warranted and proven reasons to baby proof your home sooner rather than later!

A Few Reasons to Consider Baby Proofing

More children are hurt in their own home than anywhere else. Additionally, it is estimated by the American Pediatrics Association that more than 75% of all accidents in the homes could have been avoided altogether if child and baby proofing products were used effectively.

Also consider that implementing products like water temperature monitors, SIDS monitors, cabinet door locks, mini blind cord wranglers and smoke detectors can avoid death, dismemberment or irreversible scarring to your child. TO baby proof you home effectively and properly clearly means that you take the responsibility of being a parent serious and are doing your best to keep your child safe…always!

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