The Top 3 Reasons to Baby Proof Water Hazards

A 5 gallon bucket left over from mopping poses a serious drowning risk to your child. The same is true for the toilet, pots of water and especially the bath tub. Baby’s can easily pull up and topple head first into these bodies of water where they become entrapped and drown.

Water is also an unforgiving accident that doesn’t allow second chances which is why parent should take great precaution and time to baby proof water hazards that are in, around and outside their home!

The Research Says it All!

Drowning is one of the top causes of deaths in babies, toddlers and children under the age of 10. Most drowning can be eliminated with supervision and by using baby safety products to protect children from access to water. The problem is that water hazards are allover your home and many are not recognized as dangerous to parents. A child can quickly become immersed in a cup of water that they dump on themselves and become unable to breathe. Be thorough with your baby proofing and always ensure someone in your home knows CPR!

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