Tricks to a Baby Proof Door!

Baby’s can get into everything and anything. It doesn’t matter if they are just crawling or toddling around; they find much excitement in opening and closing doors. Chances are the doors to the bathroom, pantry, garage or basement need to be taken off the list of ‘fun’ doors to play with. But how do you go about making these dangerous gateways safe? By following the secrets to a baby proof door!

2 Useful Products to Baby Proof a Door

One of the easiest ways to block off a doorway is to install door knob covers on the door you want secure. These come in a lot of different forms; but perhaps the most useful are the ones that take adult pressure to twist. It is rare that a baby would be able to open it.

Another option is to install chain locks up high on the door so that they can’t be opened; but be careful to keep the chain tight or else your baby miproght be able to slip through the opening. When you are proofing your doors; don’t forget to check the door stops and make sure that they do not have small, detachable rubber heads which are quite a choking hazard!


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