Understanding the Basics of a Baby Proof Door Knob

You are probably thinking that a child proof door knob is not really necessary; but the truth is that doors leading outside, to pool areas, to closets or pantries, the garage and bathroom should be secure so a baby can’t wander through them. Using door knob covers is an easy and quick fix to make sure that the doors are secure.

You can also install chain locks high up on the door or purchase door knobs that have a special button that needs to be compressed before opening.

A Baby Proof Door Knob on Sliding Doors

The most dangerous doors in the home can be the glass sliding doors. Many kids can break the glass, get hurt while sliding them open or closed and easily gain access to the outdoors or porch. child proofing devices are available that are specifically made for French doors and sliding glass doors.

There are stops that can be installed along the tracks as well as devices that can secure the lock and pulley features you use to open the door. There is safety screen available that can cover the glass doors so that if it gets broken the glass will not fall indoors or on your child. If you have difficulty finding a baby proof door knob cover for these doors use duct tape to secure the lock and opening features.


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