Ways to Us the Baby Proof Door Knob

Hard to believe that the doors in your home can be dangerous to children. But since they are you should know that there are several varieties of baby proof door knobs available that are certain to fit every door in your home. These act as a perfect remedy to keeping kids out of closets, from opening basement, garage or patio doors and from being able to open other doors that lead to rooms in the house.

One way to use them is as a deterrent for older children from waking a new baby. Baby proof door knobs can also be used keep children out of the bathroom or from slamming doors on their fingers and toes.

Which Type Door Knob is Best for You?

Luckily, with so many different doors there is one designed perfectly for your home… Some are made to fit over the standard round door knobs, while others work over the hook and pull type. They are all designed to be easily opened by adults who have enough strength in their hands to squeeze the cover; while children can only get them to turn. They should never be used on the inside door knobs as this can cause a child to get accidentally stuck in a linen closet or bedroom.

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