What it takes to baby Proof a Nursery

Many parents look over the crib when they are baby proofing a nursery! Unfortunately, since they spend so much time there as babies it is vital to their safety to make sure that it is absolutely safe! All of those cute comforters, stuffed animals and fluffy pillows and decorative items can be deadly and should not be in the crib when your baby is there.

Make sure that the mattress is tight and if possible purchase a new crib that meets JPMA guidelines. This will need to be checked for sturdiness often!

The Real Keys to Baby Proof Your Crib

Aside from purchasing a quality, inspected & child proofed new crib you must make sure that there are no horizontal slats or decorative cut outs that could pose an entrapment hazards. The slats should be close together so that a small leg, head or arm cannot get stuck! Also, it is best to keep the mattress at the lowest setting because you never really know when you baby will be able to pull up!

Never underestimate a baby! If you keep a mobile make sure that it is high and out of reach and doesn’t have any detachable toys or is in an area where your baby can reach the strings. As you baby gets older; it will need to be removed. You can get creative instead and decorate the high walls and ceilings around the crib instead. Another big no-no is placing the crib near a window!


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