What it Takes to Really Have a Baby Proof Home

The key to child proofing starts with parents who are aware of the common and little know dangers. One way to baby proof a home is to get down on your hands and knees and see things from your crawling baby’s level. This way you will notice all the hanging cords, tablecloths, hidden outlets, choking hazards and other interesting household items that your baby sees.

Taking a Baby Proof Home on the Road

For most parents, baby proofing their own home is fine; but their baby often spends time away from home. Don’t be afraid to ask a baby sitter or family member if you can baby proof their home. If they don’t want holes in the walls or things attached to their cabinets and doors; using duct tape or pipe cleaners is a quick, temporary fix.

Remind caregivers about the dangers of pills and make sure that the bath room is always blocked off. If someone becomes offended chances are they are not a good choice as a baby sitter. The interests of the baby should always come first and a baby proof home on the road is essential to safety!


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