What to Do When You Baby Proof Your Home!

The first thing that you need to do when you baby proof your home is take a comprehensive tour of your home with a detailed checklist of things to look for. You should look up high and down low and think of everything in your home as eventually being used as a piece of playground equipment or food item.

When you baby proof with the understanding that everything you see will eventually end up in your baby’s mouth or be used as a catapult it definitely puts things in a different perspective. That ceiling high entertainment center doesn’t look so nice when you picture it coming down on top of your child!

Excellent Tips for Excellent Parents on Baby Proofing

Another way to effectively baby proof is to remove everything that is sharp, can be broken, that has sharp corners, is heavy, conducts electricity and can be reached from your child’s world. What they can’t see they won’t want to touch or eat. Be careful not to store cleaning supplies or cosmetics in containers that resemble drinking fluids and never leave medications where a child can reach them. To a child, medications look like candy although to a child Grandma’s blood pressure medicine can be fatal!

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