Why You’ve Got to Start Baby Proofing the House

There is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that a well equipped, prepared and baby proofed home can avoid a plethora of life threatening situations for your child. Baby proofing the house is just one of the ways that a parent takes care of a child.

There are many people who feel that babies and toddlers need to learn limits and realize expectations without being quarantined or shut out of certain areas. Unfortunately, curiosities will also win and most of the time we don’t say “no’ until our children are already in the midst of trouble.

Medications, cleaning supplies, knives, hot surfaces, electrical hazards, choking hazards and other dangers lurk around every corner in the average home. Baby proofing the house takes many of them completely out of the equation!

Is Your Home Safe?

Could your baby crawl into the bathroom and easily reach into the toilet? Are there Clorox or other pesticides and toxins under your kitchen sink? Does your baby sleep in a different room than you? Do you have stairs? A pool? If you answered yes to any of these questions; then now is the time to begin baby proofing your house!

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