Why You’ve Got to Use Baby Proof Gates

You must have baby proof gates in your home especially if you have stairs, dangerous garage areas or rooms that are filled with chemicals, breakables or other dangerous items.

Aside from that gates make your life easier, help you to contain your child and ensure that you have an area that is completely safe for free play and exploration. There is no reason to allow a baby to crawl all around your home and child proofed gates are easy to install, inexpensive and vital to great supervision!

Discover Which Baby Proof Gate is Right for Your Home

Basically, the rules to gates are easy to remember. Stairs require installed gates ALWAYS! The pressure baby proofing gates are okay for temporary barriers but should never be used around stairs. Any gate you use should be a newer model, free of sharp screws or nails and without horizontal slats or foot holds. Another rule (and this one is for you) make sure that it is easy to open!

There are many that come with easy one hand latch openings which mean you can be holding a baby and still be able to open the door. If you find one with a self closing feature; you will always be sure that it is closed behind you. The gates you use for your pets are probably not secure enough to be used for a baby; especially once they are mobile and climbing around!


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