Baby Safety Gate Shopping Tips

Plan on where you will use the gate. Hardware-mounted baby safety gates cannot be dislodged completely and pressure-mounted ones can easily be removed. This is why a hardware-mounted gate is so important at the top of stairwells. If the area is less hazardous, you can use a pressure mounted baby safety gate.

Pay attention to the Horizontal Slats of the Safety Gate

Look at the slat size. Do not purchase gates with horizontal slats as baby can climb on these types of slats. The slats should be narrow enough apart so that the baby cannot get his or her foot stuck in the gate or can stand on the horizontal rail which can make the gate unsteady. Such an event can dislodge a pressure gate. Vertical slats should be less than 2 3/8 inches apart to avoid the baby getting his or her head stuck in the slats.

Pay Attention To The Gate Construction

The finish should not be able to be chipped and the baby gate should be sturdy. Wooden surfaces need to be free of splinters and smooth to the touch. Slats on wooden gates should be round. Metal slats tend to be more durable than wooden ones. Pay attention to the presence of a lower bar across the safety gate that someone could trip on when passing through the gate.

What Are Measurements Of The Space You Are Attempting To Protect With The Safety Gate

Think ahead. When you shop, you should bring along the measurements of the space you are attempting to protect and know that if the safety gate must be stretched out maximally at the site you are putting it in that it could be unsteady and wobbly at that length.

Try it first, it’s just a part of the whole childproofing process Try the test models at the store before purchasing one on your own. Make sure the gate can unlatch with just one hand as you will likely be opening it holding a baby in your arms.

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