Choosing a Baby Safety Gate

You have probably by now decided that you need baby safety gates around your home to keep your child safe. The problem is that one visit to the store or online and you see that there are hundreds of different kinds to choose from. Which one is best? Which one do you need? Where is the best place to use a safety gate? The questions are endless and since safety is your priority it is time to become informed!

How to Use a Safety Gate on the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home you will definitely need to use safety gates. The problem is that using the wrong gate can be catastrophic. At the tops of stairs it is vital to use installed gates. This way they won’t toppled with pressure and send your baby soaring down the stairs. Most gates that are approved for top of stair use say so on their packaging. It is best not to use gates that open with a pedal or foot latch and only purchase one that swings in and out using a one hand locking mechanism. This makes it easier for you to pass through when your hands are full.

You may have pet gates lying around the house that you used for your dog kids before the real kids came along. These should be used to keep your pet away from your child, but not recycled to keep your child out of certain areas.

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