Comparing Pressure-Mounted and Permanent Baby Safety Gates

With busy babies crawling all around, you probably have one or more safety gates that you’re closing and opening every time you turn around. Baby safety gates make it easier to have baby around you and it makes it easier for pets to be kept away from baby when he or she is playing on the floor. Safety gates are perfect for babies at the age of six months to two years and shouldn’t be used for children older than that.

Permanent or Hardware-Mounted Gates

This is a gate that you install using a screwdriver. You actually drill holes into your wall or door frame and affix the gate to the surfaces with screws and brackets. If you do all of this correctly, this is a type of mounted system that is the safest for baby. You need to know, however, that no gate is fool proof and none can guarantee to prevent the passage of the baby.

Hardware-mounted safety gates tend to be made of wood, aluminum tubing or enamel coated steel and have rails on the top and bottom. Good places for hardware-mounted gates: The best places are at the top and bottom of stairwells. The doors generally swing just one way—usually away from the stairwell. Some kinds of this type of gate allow you to change the direction of the swing.

Installing Permanent or Hardware-Mounted Gates

You need to drill some holes into the door frame or into the wall (through a stud) that can be filled in later with plaster or drywall. There is hardware that attaches the gate to the door frame or wall.

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