Do You Need a Gateway Child Safety Gate in Your Home?

Homes today are built much larger and with lots of open areas. Many families have one large room that doubles as the kitchen, living room, dining room and family room. This can make installing safety gates very difficult because there are few that will be wide enough to accommodate the entrance.

There have been parents who try to separate these areas by using large pieces of furniture only to create a walking hazard. Gateway child proofing gates are the answer you have been looking for! They are suitable for very large openings in the home and basically install like a mini wall that is temporary. If you would like to make sure that your children are never crawling around the kitchen when they should be in the living room, this is the solution!

How to Purchase a Childproofing Safety Gate for Your Home

When you purchase these gates, you should make sure you measure leaving ample room for installation. Most of them are sold by the foot, which means that you can order one as large as you like. There are some models that are completely retractable which is a nice and convenient feature since you certainly don’t want to be stuck climbing over the gateway babyproofing safety gate.

Once you measure the opening, choose the appropriate hardware for your wall, and set up the retraction apparatus and then you have a complete, safe and effective way of barricading your home and separating children from danger!


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