Finding Quality Wide Child Safety Gates

If you are searching for an extra wide child safety gate for your home, there are few pointers you should look for before purchasing. They are not all created equal! Some are made so long that they become wobbly in the middle.

The Safety Gates Length

They should come equipped with a cross brace that will effectively hold them taut all the way across. childproofing gates that are more than 6 feet long, should have a cross bar every 3 feet in order to keep them secure. Just make sure that none of the braces run horizontal. This way toddlers that are beginning to climb will not climb over them.

The Expense of Wide Child Safety Gates

While wider baby safety gates may cost a bit more than conventional ones, they are worth it. Not only are they more secure if they are made in one piece, but parents who use them will not be tempted to go without.

You can look at child safety gates as an investment in your home and even when your children are older, you may want to use them for pets or to keep preschool children out of certain areas. Safety gates have changed a lot over the years and it is not recommended to use them as hand me downs or
from thrift stores.


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