Installing a Child Safety Gate Stairs

Installing a child safety gate near stairs is something that every parent should do. It is vital to understand that the stairs pose thousands of injuries to children and some of them are fatal! Children love to play on the stairs and it is commonplace for them to try to scoot down them or climb up them unattended.

Installing a childproofing gate is the easiest way to avoid this injury. But before you just pop one up, make sure that you are using a gate that installs with hardware rather than spring tension. There are some truly affordable choices and Evenflo even makes one for under $50 that has a higher height than most.

Warnings for Parents When Using a Child Safety Gate Stairs

You may have never seen this one coming, but last year alone over 5000 parents had to visit emergency rooms due to falls down stairs. The number one reason is because they were stepping over safety gates at the tops of stairs and tripped! Unfortunately, this is common and many moms and dads do this holding a baby in their arms as well as carrying hot things like the morning cup of coffee. Find a gate that has a one-handed release opening and you will not be tempted to attempt this dangerous feat!


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