Installing Child Safety Stair Gates

The first thing to do is find two hard wood and stable anchor points. It is not recommended to use the handrail for an anchor. Most child proofing professionals actually prefer that trim be used. If you are anchoring it into drywall than make sure to use hardware specifically designed for drywall. Make a level point where the screws will be inserted and make sure that it is no more than 2 inches off the ground at the top step.

All hardware should be facing the gate that is on the side of the stairs, which will require parents to reach over to open and prevent toddlers from figuring out how to open the child safety gate too soon. The gate should have at least two anchors on each side.

If there is a spring in the gate that forces it to close which is optimal at stairs, make sure it is not in an area that will easily pinch your child’s fingers and ensure that there are no horizontal slats or decorative holds a toddler will use to climb it. Once the gate is installed, make sure it opens securely.

If it is installed level, it should close behind you after use. If you have to make several holes in the wall in order to get it right, make sure that you have not sacrificed the integrity of the wood, which will make the gate come lose more quickly. Test the gate several times and always install it at the top of the stairs, and on the first step at the bottom. Never install a tension gate in either of these locations.

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