Is a Wood Child Safety Gate as Effective as Plastic

If you are worried about a child safety gate messing up the aesthetics of your home than you should realize that there are plenty of wood child safety gate options available.

Safety gates have changed very much over the years and purchasing more decorative wood baby proofing gates can give them an installed look as if they are part of your home landscape rather than a measure of safety. There are also wood gates that are retractable or that can be finished to your liking in order to match your décor.

Which Companies Offer a Wood Child Safety Gate?

It is unlikely that you will find anything fancy in the wood family at a local store. However, Center Gateway, Evenflo and distributors like One Step Ahead do offer customized or standard wood safety gates that will match any wood tone. They install exactly the same and have the same specifications as their plastic counterparts. The difference is completely in the looks. You can find wood gates that have one-handed opening options, that are retractable, or that will swing closed behind you. Many of these gates are pricier simply because they are made of a more expensive product but this does not mean that they are necessarily stronger in any way.

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