Is it Really Necessary to Child Proof a Baby Safety Gate!

I know what you are thinking; why in the world do I have to spend time childproofing a baby safety gate when they are supposed to already be safe. The truth is that there are many gates out there that are not that safe and that in fact can lead to more potential dangers for your baby.

You can find them at yard sales; thrift stores and many of them get passed down through the family! BEWARE! Gates today are made under much more stringent policies of safety and often are tested to make sure that your baby can’t get into any imminent trouble.

Simple Things You Must Know About a Baby Safety Gate

First of all, if you can afford it – buy your products new. And make sure that you fill out the recall card and that they have a seal of approval from the JPMA. If you must use something old; then make sure that the baby safety gate you use does not have any horizontal slats.

Check the latch to make sure that your baby cannot use it as a catapult or foothold and by all means; check the hardware to make sure there are no exposed screws or sharp points. If you installed the gate into drywall; use the drywall screws so it wont be pulled lose the first time your little angle tries to climb over (which they will). Also, check it for height often. Once your baby gets much taller than the gate- the gate becomes nothing more than a deterrent.


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