One Place to Never Install a Spring Children Safety Gate

One of the most common mistakes that parents make is installing a spring tension children safety gate at the top of stairways. They may do this so that it is not permanent, or they may do this because they don’t know any better, but this is the leading cause of accidents that involve falling down stairs.

Because they are not permanent, they are not a good choice as many children can accidentally barrel through them and fall down the steps. Many parents are also injured using spring tension safety gates because as they try to step over them, they knock them out of place and can fall down steps.

When to Question the Security of Your Children Safety Gate

At some point, your child will try to crawl or climb over the child safety gates in your home. Once a child reaches around 33-37 inches, they may be able to scale a safety gate with out a problem. This is when you might think about purchasing taller gates, or removing the gates altogether. It is much safer for children who try to scale them to not have them around to play on. Many safety gates have areas around the hardware or latch that can serve as a small foothold for a child. When your child no longer sees these boundaries as something to be respected, you should resort to other methods to ensure they don’t get hurt trying to get over them.


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