Rules to Use For Child Safety Gates & Stairs!

The stairs naturally cause many parents to feel concerned especially when their children are very young and not coordinated! As easy as it may seem to throw up a safety gate, you are advised strongly, to never install a pressure mounted gate at stairways.

Spend the extra money and purchase a safety gate that can be effectively installed using bolts and screws. Eventually, every gate becomes ineffective and near stairwells, you will be giving your child a false sense of security if you put one up. This a standard rule of thumb for baby proofing a home!

Child Safety Gates, Stairs & Your Toddler

As much as you want to keep children away from the stairs, toddlers see them as a playground. Safety gates may not be the answer you are looking for. Parents are encouraged to use baby safety gates as a deterrent rather than an effective barrier and children should always be supervised.

Serious head injuries as well as other injuries can occur to children who fall down stairs. If you have hard wood floors, it may be a good idea to carpet or pad your stairs with a permanent fix in order to make them softer and less dangerous for your children.


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