The Best Child Safety Gates for Stairs

The best child safety gates for stairs are any that can be permanently installed. You should install the child proofing hardware into the trim or hard wood rather than the drywall and make sure that they are secure. Take care to install them no more than 1-2 inches off the floor, and purchase extra high gates for stair areas if you plan to use them for a long time.

Installed safety gates normally have a one handed adult release button that makes them easy for adults to pass through. If it doesn’t, you will be most tempted to step over it from time to time and risk your self falling down stairs as well.

Child Safety Gates for Stairs Should Be Chosen With Care

Safety gates can be expensive especially if parents are going for a certain design or color scheme. While many gates are very attractive, when it comes to choosing a gate for a stairwell, you should choose with safety and sturdiness in mind first!

Choose a gate where the hardware, nails and other corners are hidden and where there are no slats of footholds that could promote climbing. If you must install it into the drywall, make sure that you use drywall anchors so that the weight of a child won?t pull them out. Stairwells are very dangerous for children and since so many toddlers like to play there, you must take special concern to make them as safe as possible.


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