The Difference Between a Childs Safety Gate and One for Your Pet

Which comes first the pet or the child? In most homes, pets exist long before children do and for this reason, many parents use safety gates for their toddlers that they had used in the past for their pets. The reason this isn’t advised is because the gates for pets are not designed with as much safety in mind.

They often have horizontal slats that can be used for climbing and many of them do not have secure parts that can fall off and be choking childproofing hazard. In addition to that, doggie gates are often just barrier methods that use tension to stay in place. This can be dangerous for a child. Your best bet is to purchase new safety gates that meet modern limits as far as safety is concerned.

Using a Childs Safety Gate Ensures Peace of Mind for mom

The kitchen is by far one of the most dangerous places in the home. One tip that busy moms use to keep out mobile babies and toddlers whilst allowing older children to enter rooms like the kitchen and bathroom is to use a child’s safety gate.

These gates can effectively prevent very young crawlers from getting into trouble and are a great way to create a room sized play pen for children. Many moms use them to barricade doorways that lead between rooms so their child will stay put in one room that mom is sure is baby proofed.


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