The Power of Searching for a Wide Child Safety Gate

You may think that the entrance ways and doorways in your home are too large to accommodate a childproofing safety gate. But you are wrong! An extra wide child safety gate is not a hard thing to find these days and by searching for your dimension, you will be able to find them online and in stores.

You may also be able to purchase extensions for an existing gate you have that will stretch your childproofing budget even further! The trick is to measure the width adequately, ensuring that you will leave room for installation on each side. Professionals recommend measuring on the inside of the opening and giving your self an extra ½-inch to work with.

Is a Wide Child Safety Gate as Safe as Regular Sized Ones

Common sense would lead you to believe that an extra wide gate may not be quite as sturdy as traditional sized gates. But, in most cases they are and if they are certified by the JPMA, then they will adhere to certain safety standards that mean they will be as strong in the middle as they are near the edges.

One thing to look for is wide safety gates that do not have horizontal or diagonal supports. These supports can serve as footholds and make climbing easier. If they do, make sure that it is installed so the slats are not facing the side where you child will be.


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