The Truth About Baby Safety Risks We Take Every Day

How many times have you unbuckled a screaming baby on your street so you could soothe them? Have you ever answered the phone while a child or baby in your home was taking a bath? Do you use the harness straps in your high chair at all times?

When is the last time you tested the strength of your crib? These may seem like simple things; but most parents forget to do them and make these very common child proofing mistakes. The result can be fatal to your child. Just about every parent who has lost a child or seen one get injured in their home has thought that ‘this would never happen to me.’ Remain consistent and always aware that danger can happen to anyone.

Preparing Your Home for a Child, Baby – Safety Comes First!

Families are always on the go. It is common for them to travel to relative’s homes all over the place and when you go you should take your child proofing techniques with you. It is important to come up with a plan while traveling, keep important contact numbers in your cell phone or on a piece of paper so emergency crews can find them and to take along gadgets that will keep your baby safe while you are away.

If your child is not used to being able to access cabinets or the bathroom at home; their home away from home will feel like a playground if things are consistent. Things like duct tape and pipe cleaners are handy travel safety guides and never forget to bring a long a tension safety gate!


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