What is the Right Time to Use Baby Safety Gates

If you are reading this, chances are NOW is the right time to begin using baby safety gates.  Even if your baby is just now crawling, baby gates can keep them out of all sorts of trouble.  You would not believe how fast a moving baby can get into trouble.  One minute they are peaceful on the living room floor and the next they are fumbling through cleaners under the kitchen sink.  Think long term.  Any areas that will always be unsafe are the perfect place to install mounted safety gates.  This affix to the door framework and can’t be easily removed.

Purchasing Several Tension Gates And Barricade A Safe Room

If you just want to make sure your moving baby stays in one room, no holds barred- purchase several tension gates and barricade a safe room.  Even if you have large entry ways or foyers you will be able to find a gate that accommodates the size.  Some have retractable features, whereas others may come with the option of using several panels altogether.  Not only can these block off large areas of space safely, it can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your baby safe outdoors or in large areas.

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