What You Need to Know About Baby Safety Gates

Long before your baby can walk you will begin to look for ways to keep him out of certain dangerous areas around the home. A safety gate can certainly be an effective way to keeping him out of a cleaning closet or bathroom, and from falling down a hazardous flight of stairs. The good news is that these are easy to find, easy to use, and easy to install in the home. Baby safety gates come in either a hardware mountable design or a spring pressure loaded design.

Pressure gates are portable and easy to install at any doorway

Your choice will largely depend on where you are using them and how permanent you want them to become. Pressure gates are portable and easy to install at any doorway. They should never be used at the top of stairs because quite honestly a determined toddler could bust through them. They are usually reasonably priced and come in an assortment of finishes to suit any home.

One Of The Downfalls To Pressure Mounted Child Safety Gates

Is that they have to be totally removed or stepped over in order for adults to pass through them. This can cause many parents to fall and get hurt, which is dangerous, especially if you are holding your baby. A convenience to pressure mounted gates is that they are portable and easy to bring along with you as you visit Grandma’s house.

Pressure mounted gates also do not require special installation and will not permanently be fixed to door frames. This can mean less repair work down the road. When you purchase a pressure mounted gate ensure that it is sturdy and use it wisely. Eventually a curious toddler will try to climb the gate and a flimsy safety gate will not be much good at withstanding toddler abuse.

3 Key Items to Look For When Purchasing a Baby Safety Gate!

It is okay to block off the bottom of the stairs with a childproofed pressure safety gate, but at the top or on the second floor of your home, find a gate that can be solidly installed. Also, try to install it in a manner which will inhibit climbing which could lead to a serious fall. For other areas of the home, try to think of convenience for you. You will have to remain mobile throughout the home. Many options offer swinging capabilities and one handed release knobs that will make traveling through them easier for you.

It might be enticing to find great bargain at a yard sale, but you should probably buy a gate new. Those made before 1985 have entrapment warnings for your child. Older or used models may also have slats that are spaced too widely apart. As a rule of thumb slats should be no more 2 3/8 inches. Otherwise….you guessed it …. your toddler’s head could get stuck.

It May Be Best To Consider Different Safety Gates Options For Different Areas Of Your House

Some safety gates can actually be used as panels that form a play pen area and are great for keeping kids in and away from fireplaces or stoves. In other situations you may be looking for a temporary fix. When you shop, think about buying several different kinds of gates and be sure to use them in accordance with the guidelines above just to ensure safety.

Beware of Crawling & Climbing Toddlers!

The gates may keep them out of certain areas and away from threats or dangers but as time goes on they will not be as effective as they were initially. Crawling and climbing toddlers need constant supervision. The gate options listed here are more of a hindrance than a fool proof way to keep your child out of the bathroom. So use the gates carefully and never underestimate your child’s ability. Toddlers have a tendency to surprise you at any minute.

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