When it Comes to Child Proofing: Don’t Forget Baby Safety Gates!

Baby safety gates can be a lifesaver. Imagine your walking baby strolling down the hall after a bath and headed right towards the stairs. Unfortunately you are still bathing your 4 year old and can’t get after her. Then you hear the screams and tumble as she falls down the steps. All of this can be prevented with the use of a baby safety gate. Now you are on your way to the ER with two children; one of whom could be seriously injured.

Real Childproofing Advice From Moms Who Have Been There!

There is nothing easier than using baby safety gates around the home. Moms who have been there know that one of the biggest tricks to having little walkers and crawlers is keeping them safely contained in one area. Gates can do just that and they are a cinch to install.

There really is a way to make your living room the safest room in the home and even if your doorways are extremely large or open, you are assured to find a baby safety gate that will suit perfectly. Child proofing is always about prevention!

There are only a few rules to follow when installing gates. The first is to never use a spring tension gate at the top of stairs. Finding a gate that works well for you, fits into your house and makes life ten times easier is only as far away as your local store!


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